For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a photographer. Wanting to catch those indescribable moments, the way a red morning sun can break open the horizon, the perfect wave from deep in the hollow, those smallest of details in nature that make you realize we're part of something so beautiful and incredible it needs to be memorialized and shared.

Moving to San Diego in 1991 finally gave me the opportunity to make surfing part of my everyday life. From the first moment in the water I realized my life would be inexorably connected to the ocean. I wanted to capture that connection with photography. The way the sun's light refracts kaleidoscopic through the back of a wave. Being joined by a pod of dolphins in the line-up. Feeling the raw, undeniable power of the ocean. It's the chance to discover another connection everyday that keeps me going. It's the creativity of nature that inspires me and has given my life and work greater definition.

I currently live in La Jolla, California where I am a senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine. I hope that my work has given you a greater connection to surfing, the ocean and the amazing world we live in.